Welcome to Jim's Bible

Welcome to Jim's Bible Study website. A place where you can read, take notes while you read, and then organize your thoughts in an online bible notebook.

To start you off, there are two versions of the Bible available, the popular King James Version, and the easier to read World English Bible.

When you register (Free and no spam or ads), you can choose which Bible you want to use as your default. The great thing about the site is that you can always simply click on a scritpure to switch to the other version. Go ahead and try it below.

{jam 1:5-7}

The scripture above is a passage. Whenever you see a passage on the site, including your own notes, there are a few things built in that will help you. The first we just talked about. You can click on the scriptures text to change between the King James Version and the World English Bible.

Next is the read button. Clicking this will open a new window that shows the whole chapter that the verse came from. This allows you to quickly read it in context. When that window is open, you can also click on the text to switch Bible versions.

The last thing to be aware of is the scripture reference itself. In the above passage, this is the text "James 1:5-7". Clicking on a scripture reference will copy it into your clipboard. You will find this handy later when you are working with your notebook.

To get started, you can click Bible in the menu and then select Read. Once at the table of contents, you can click on the help button to learn how to get around and how to add notes while you read.